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The Sanaya Diaries

October 1, 2015

They say that time heals wounds and the Guardians -that's what they call themselves- say that in time, things will get better. But how? I am new to this world, this world in which vampires exist and the creepy vibrations I sensed, the nightmares that I've experienced are real. My father killed my mother. He came home, after being gone for a week (which wasn't exactly a new thing) as something else. I felt it. I heard it. I saw what he had become. And there was nothing I could do. Nothing, How am I the "prophesied Vampire Huntress", destined to protect the world, when I couldn't even protect my own mother?

Since I've been here, the staff have been pretty cool. They act as if I am the next Golden Child or something, when in truth I feel nothing of the sort. Back at my regular school - Jefferson High - I was just Sanaya. Nothing more, nothing less. I had friends that I would kick it with after school either at the park or one of my home girl's houses while my mom was passed out drunk or working. There, I got pretty good grades because it kept my mom off my back, plus I had hoped to get into college to get away from the chaos that always took place at home. But here? The staff loves me but the students, my peers, hate me.

Especially this chick named Elizabeth.

Apparently, she comes from a rich, successful family who has donated heavily to this school. The Van Helzing's are also mentioned in the school archives for their dealings with Dracula and so just because of her name alone, she feels as if she literally owns the school. Today, she made it a point to have all of her flunkies (which is literally the entire school campus) crowd the tables in the cafeteria so that I would have nowhere to sit. Then, while I was on my way to history class, she purposefully bumped into me, spilling my latte everywhere. At that point, I was prepared to give her these hands, and before I could throw a punch, here comes Archer pulling me to the side.

"You are stronger than she is," he told me for the hundredth time.

And as a result of other students witnessing this exchange, guess what? Now, I am the class bully. But do you think that would be the end of it with Elizabeth? Nope. I heard a rumor about me claiming that my mother smoked the drugs my father sold and that the Guardians found me in a crack house.

Archer, who is my Primary Guardian (and registered as my custodian parent) is aware of Elizabeth's games and is supposed to be meeting with her parents tomorrow. I have no idea what is wrong with his girl. I mean, where I'm from, she would have gotten her ass beat the first time she pulled the crap she's been pulling. Guardian Maria told me that Elizabeth is just jealous because unlike the rest of the students here at the school, she has yet to manifest her "gifts". In other words, Elizabeth may be just a regular human who was only allowed into the school because of her family.

Whatever. If she keeps trying me...let's just say I have an aunt I could stay with if it comes down to me being kicked out of the school.

Anyways, I was told by another Guardian, Congo that he had someone he would like me to meet tomorrow after my last class because she is loner like me and thinks that we would make a good match. Honestly, I couldn't care less. The entire campus is either afraid of me or hates me because of Elizabeth, so why or how would this girl even want to be my friend anyways?

I guess I will find out tomorrow.


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