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The Vampire Hunters Academy

Built centuries ago, shortly after the construction of the First Christian Church, The Vampire Hunters Academy is responsible for the training of the world’s best of the best: those possessing gifts within the realms of the supernatural for use of defending humanity. Situated in Vatican City, the school has been recognized as the Light’s best kept secret in the war against The Darkness. The Academy’s purpose however, is not only to prepare future Guardians for the task of defending humanity against Evil, but to specially train the select for the highest esteem ever: to protect and stand with the Most High’s top weapon known as the Akhkharu Alal, better known as the Huntress.

Born every thousand years as humanity’s sole protector against the armies of Darkness, a prophecy long foretold the coming of a new breed of slayers that will soon lead the armies of Light against the Unnamed One. Destiny was written in the name of Sanaya Scott, the newest and most powerful Slayer born in this millennium and the first ever of her kind to be admitted into The Academy.

Be a part of Sanaya's journey through The Academy as the last huntress born to tip the scales in favor of the Light.

Guardians held the line for centuries...but now it is her turn to fight.


The Lost Guardian Chronicles

Click on the link below to join your favorite Guardians on their journeys BEFORE the Academy in The Lost Guardian Chronicles!

He is known as "The Living Curse" and the progenitor of the species know as "vampire". He is the Darkness that even the shadows hide from and the plague that no man can cure. He is the prophecy of all that is to come and the sworn enemy of Huntress and angel alike. He is the beginning and has the will power and strength to survive to the very end...

His name is Cain.

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