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Magic, Melanin... Candles!!

LAUNCH DATE 8/17/2024

Magical candle  burning in an iridescent

Each Miss Jenkins Books candle is homemade, and soy based, all made with the intention of providing a magical experience beginning the moment the box is opened. Miss Jenkins prides herself on embodying the beauty and the abundance that is magic, thus striving to create products that are inspired through the power of the imagination and the source that is DIVINE. Take a look at what has been added to the stock. You can purchase items individually or as a bundle.

The Vampire Hunters Academy  Inspired Candles

Inspired by The Vampire Hunter’s Academy’s very own magical character, Maya Beauvais, this strawberry-pineapple-guava scented candle allows you to experience the power and girlie wonder that is Maya. This is the first of a line of candles inspired by the published works of Miss Jenkins Books. For a dose of Magic, be sure to take home Maya’s Flame, today. Price: $8.00 for 4oz; $2.50 for 1.5 ounces.

*Limited Edition*

Inspired by The Vampire Hunters Academy’s progenitor, Cain, this candle provides a rich sensual chocolate escape of the senses. Drenched in the Blood of Cain and imbued with the power of his seduction, create an intimate space in your home to indulge in the velvety aroma of Cain that will leave you thirsting for more.  

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