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Natalia is the strongest of her kind, the Dark Ones. And she rules as their queen. Zyren is strong, powerfully built, and every bit as lethal when it comes to defending his race. He was her second in command, her best friend...and now, she wants more. Zyren has no interest in any female. His true mate died centuries ago and his heart went with her soul to the grave. Natalia knows this, and despite his obvious lack of interest, she will stop at nothing to force him into mating her, even threatening the only female he loves as much as he loved his mate -his sister. Having survived one war to freedom to find himself enslaved and possibly bound to another was not the life he fought for. Will destiny have mercy on this warrior? Or will he be forced to live another lifetime bound by invisible chains of a loveless arrangement?

Built centuries ago, shortly after the construction of the First Christian Church, The Vampire Hunters Academy is responsible for the training of the world’s best of the best: those possessing gifts within the realms of the supernatural for use of defending humanity. Situated in Vatican City, the school has been recognized as the Light’s best kept secret in the war against The Darkness. The Academy’s purpose however, is not only to prepare future Guardians for the task of defending humanity against Evil, but to specially train the select for the highest esteem ever: to protect and stand with the Most High’s top weapon known as the Akhkharu Alal, better known as the Huntress.
Born every thousand years as humanity’s sole protector against the armies of Darkness, a prophecy long foretold the coming of a new breed of slayers that will soon lead the armies of Light against the Unnamed One. Destiny was written in the name of Sanaya Scott, the newest and most powerful Slayer born in this millennium and the first ever of her kind to be admitted into The Academy.
Street smart, independent and a bit of a loner, Sanaya’s abilities are developing too quickly for her Guardians to keep up with. Not to mention the typical teenaged woes of being the new girl on the block, her abilities leave her isolated among her peers as a bit of a freak-with the exception of her best friend, Maya. As more truths are revealed about Sanaya’s future, relationships are created and tested, especially when a Master Vampire decides to try his luck with the school. Sanaya is faced with balancing coming into her own, while trying to protect those she was destined to protect and manage life as teenaged huntress. With the help of Maya, and some new friends, Sanaya learns she does not have to fight the fight against evil alone

Class is back in session at The Academy, and as the staff and students alike try to return to a state of normal, something ancient has been awakened from the shadows with a taste for Guardian blood.

Sanaya is days away from an early Slayer maturity and as her bond with her potential Guardian, King deepens, she must learn to balance what her heart desires most with the responsibility of keeping those she loves safe.

An ancient enemy has summoned The Council of Slayers, ancient Slayers of old, to be of aid to the Guardians of The Academy. Sanaya must awaken her blossoming gifts to step into her shoes as the Millennium Slayer faster than those around her are prepared for. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Sanaya must prepare for the fight of her life and a deal that will change the course of Slayer history forever.

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Sanaya is coming into her own as a young huntress, but once again something is out for blood. Her blood. Guardian blood. A deal has been broken while another has been made and it is a race against Time to ensure not only the safety of The Academy but that of those she loves most.
A new entity with the skill set of an experienced huntress, a thirst for blood, and a vendetta for The Council has arrived and has her sights on The Academy.
Meanwhile, the history of The Academy is in question while an army of Darkness has been raised. Sanaya and her friends are faced with even more challenges as the prepare to fight another battle that this time the are not sure to win.
Sanaya must step into her shoes as the Slayer and prove to all who witness that she is not just born to hunt vampires-she was chosen

Damien is being forced to marry through the will of his father, Hadrian, The Great Vampire King of their bloodline due to a prophecy that he perceives to be a threat to the races’ survival. Kennedy, legally blind since birth, is an African American woman nearing her thirties has spent the last five years of her life alone-her only companion, an incredibly intelligent Golden Retriever by the name of Hubert, is rescued by none other than Damien one evening from a gang of thugs and as fate should have it, he connects with her instantly. Awed by her independence despite of her obvious handicap, Damien is smitten by her and desperate to protect her from what should have been an ordinary and mundane existence of a blind person. Unfortunately, his kind are being hunted by a relentless Slayer by the name of Rothbart all because of a misunderstanding orchestrated by his older sister Lucinda, in the quest to protect his family and the new love of his life, Damien and Kennedy discover that she is an heir to the “lost” Faery King and as the story unfolds both of them fight against time to find the salvation they both had been searching for all along.


Just when they believed the war was over….

With Natalia dead and her territories open for claim, The Dark Ones have returned to the secrecy of the shadows. Existing just beyond the prying eyes of humans, The Dark Ones are now faced with the reality that their future as a race is now uncertain.

Anaya, Natalia’s daughter and the only heir to the throne has been kidnapped by the worse of vampire kind: Shadow Men. With the hands of time ticking against her, Anaya must face the cruelty of the Shadow’s leader and pray that she may claim her throne to return the scattered nation of The Dark Ones to its former glory.

Maurice, a powerful warrior of the Shadow tribe with a broken past has been entrusted with the care of the future queen of the Dark Ones. But as Fate would have it, this shadow warrior will risk it all to protect this docile female-the exact opposite of what Natalia stood for- and give her the freedom he wished he knew


I've always known something was wrong with me. From the dreams, the nightmares, the headaches...
But what I didn't know, was what I was destined to become.
And I have no idea which is scarier: not knowing who I am or discovering the power that flows through my veins.


He is known as "The Living Curse" and the progenitor of the species know as "vampire". He is the Darkness that even the shadows hide from and the plague that no man can cure. He is the prophecy of all that is to come and the sworn enemy of Huntress and angel alike. He is the beginning and has the will power and strength to survive to the very end...

His name is Cain.


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