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Jewelry, Books and Monsters

It is 7:06 am as I sip what is left of my coffee and mull over my ever changing and ever increasing to do list. I am thankful for this time - for this day really - because it is the beginning of my three day weekend. Working five days a week and balancing that with my life as an author and as a mom is tough. But I do it. And this is why mornings like this are important: I can focus my energies on what I love - which is books.

Now first, let's talk about books.

Tomorrow, I will be releasing not one but TWO books from The Vampire Hunters Academy series: Cain and The Forsaken. This has been a long time coming and if you go through my blogs, you will see that I posted the first twenty chapters of Cain to give you some insight on what the book is about and where I am going with the story. This will be the first time I will release two books on the same day. Honestly I've been a nervous wreck since making the decision to do so. But after quite a few push backs on both books, I realized my readers may not be able to wait any longer and what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than releasing two books?

Now let's talk jewelry.

I love, love, LOVE jewelry. I have built up quite the collection of different pieces ranging from amethyst, to chunky quartz, dragon themed, silver, gold, shoot you name it. Which means, it made sense for me to become a brand ambassador for a jewelry company called Aphrodite. I love the rose gold charm bracelets that I purchased from them and its nice to have found a retailer that designs jewelry pieces that fits me. The great thing about Aphrodite is that you can customize your pieces to make it your own.

So head on over to their website: and use my discount code MAGICANDBOOKS$ to receive 15% off your purchase.

And last but not least, the best thing that could have happened this week happened. I was interviewed by Monster Complex Magazine which to me was a huge honor because the site's founder is a fan of the late L.A. Banks (my idol). He reached out to me with questions for an interview and of course I immediately agreed. Now for some of you who read this, it may not seem like a big deal. But for me it is. I am still an unknown author. I have not reached commercial success as of yet and with the literary world being as saturated as it is, I've had moments of self doubt and even quietly contemplated retiring my pen.

Well you never know who is watching. You never who might be a fan of your work.

To see my face posted up there with not only L.A. Banks but the Queen of the Damned herself, Anne Rice was all the inspiration I needed to keep going. So check out the interview below and please make the most of the 4th of July weekend in the safest and healthiest way possible. I do have more announcements to come so stay tuned (I feel like I am always saying stay tuned). Also, follow me on Instagram @miss_jenkins_books, Twitter @septembershope and friend me on Facebook.

Here is the link to the interview:

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