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It's Been A Minute

The world is shifting. It's at an imbalanced state right now that caused a lot of fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness...the list can go on, which is why I have been laying low. I have struggled for most of this year to find balance within myself while trying to meet deadlines and keep my day job. And to be honest with you, I have been angry too and for over a month I felt no inspiration to write. It's like my creativity was operating on a dead battery. I would tell myself "I need to write" and open up my laptop and...nothing. It didn't help to see the media's 24 hour spin on COVID-19, followed by the unfortunate events surrounding George Floyd and the issues involving black lives and law enforcement.

All of this made me want to retreat into my shell and never come out again. It's all been too much.

But after taking a week off from my day job, I used that time to rest and heal myself from old wounds that were beginning to resurface and now I feel like my old self. I feel like the "Delizhia before life and relationships became complicated" - which was many years in the making. A reset is always necessary when you want to grow and invite new things and people into your life. And being that we are all connected to the earth, just as the earth is resetting itself, would it not make sense for us to find ourselves in reset mode too?

So with that being said, here are a few things I wanted to update you on:

Claimed by Temptation, the paranormal box set featuring my story A Date With The Devil is no longer available on Amazon. But worry not! I do have a special treat regarding that story I will update you guys on later.

Cain and The Forsaken are still on schedule for release July 4, 2020 and both are available for preorder :)

I am introducing a new story, Dark Melody in the Tempt Me box set which is scheduled for release on June 15th.

AND I have signed on for another box set (pandemic theme) called Wastelands and Wanderers (release date October 31st).

There will be other announcements coming soon, but I wanted to provide you with a few quick updates on me and the next line of releases.

Before concluding this blog, I encourage you to remain safe. Continue with "Social Distancing" and take whatever necessary measures you need to refrain from being "triggered" even if that means taking a break from social media. I love you guys and I will meet you in the next blog.

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