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Interview With a Vampire

2021 may have started off with a bit of a drag, but things are slowly coming together. However, in the midst of me trying to figure out the kind of content I want to put out as it relates to social media, I stumbled across an interesting character on TikTok (of all places). This charming fellow goes by the name of Corentin and ladies, this particular character is someone you will gladly stretch out your neck for ;).

So this Wednesday, at 4pm PST (which will be 7pm for those on the east coast) I will be conducting a live interview with Corentin, the Vampire on my Instagram page. You can find me @miss_jenkins_books. Being that I am a lover of all things vampire, this is going to be a lot of fun.

You can find Corentin's character on TikTok @chaotic.nick. Once the interview is done, I will return with another blog to discuss some of the highlights that took place during my first interview with a vampire.

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