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Cain - Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

“Mother, I must stand and fight with the rest of my siblings. It is my right and my honor,” Amaya declared, gaining supportive nods from her brothers and sisters who gathered with her and Aklia.

“I cannot afford to lose you my daughter. I will need you, Elan and Moon to return to the blessed lands. Something tells me that you will be needed there,” Aklia commanded.

“Those lands are protected by the Archangels themselves!” Elan protested, taking a stand. “I’ve wanted to put an end to Tyre’s miserable life for years!”

“What we are about to do is disrupt the hornet’s nest,” Aklia began, her tone hardening. “Tati and Tyre are Cain’s most lethal, although Eliana is not to be toyed with. But the twins are a sadistic pair and they will do things that Cain himself is disturbed by. If I die tonight, I need to rest in peace knowing that at least three of you can carry on the legacy. We have several more generations of huntresses and protectors that need to be prepared for their missions in the world.”

“But mother,” Amaya cried. “I can-“

“The answer is no Amaya,” Aklia said firmly. “Now all three of you, go do as I say. We have no time.”

Moon sighed and grabbed her sister’s hand to do as instructed. Amaya cursed but turned around to leave, while Elan offered Aklia a hard stare.

“Should we survive the night, we will return and we will continue to make strides in eradicating Cain’s line my son. This I promise you,” Aklia swore to him.

Elan said nothing and took off after his sisters.

Aklia glanced over at the remaining two children: Lana and Yam and said nothing. However, it was Lana who spoke first.

“What is the strategy?”

“We go now, before they grow strong. Let’s move!” Aklia took off running, her legs carried her across the plains like the wind. Her children followed behind her.


Tati lazily traced the bare skin of her twin’s chest, admitting the definition of his pectorals. She gently placed a kiss on his nipple and slowly traced her fangs upward, towards his neck. He stirred, but allowed her to continue.

“Where shall we go next?” She asked, sucking away at his neck.

“Wherever you want,” he hissed as she sucked again. “The world is ours.”

“The world is ours,” she repeated.

Tyre’s nostrils flared suddenly, and he sat up quickly, pushing Tati out of the way. His eyes flash a deep crimson and his fangs crested. Tati picked up the scent and hissed. Both sprung to their feet and dematerialized out of the cave just in time to avoid being pierced in the chest by the tip of a long handled spear. Tati materialized in front a family of trees and took a defensive position in front of Aklia.

Aklia’s swung her blade hard, barely missing Tati’s head. Tati hissed and lunged forward, but Aklia was one step ahead of her and yanked Tati by her hair with enough force to snatch her backwards. Tati’s body slammed into the large trunk of an idle tree.

Tyre, meanwhile snarled at Yam and Lana who circled him. Tyre hissed violently and disappeared into the ether. Lana and Yam’ senses focused on his energy and missed a sneak attack from behind them as he materialized. However, T

yre’s split second distraction of glancing at his sister losing the battle to Aklia allowed Lana’s battle ax enough time to separate his head from his shoulders.

Tati screamed as she witnessed her brother’s body incinerate and out in the distance, both parties overheard the mournful wail of Cain. Lana and Yam rushed over to assist their mother. The brother and sister pair worked in tandem as Lana’s foot connected with Tati’s face with Yam slamming a fist into her spine. The sound of Aklia’s blade slicing through the air, cutting through Tati’s skull filled the clearing. It happened so quickly that Tati did not have time to scream.

The family of three stood frozen as Tati’s remains became ash. Clouds quickly covered the sky and Aklia swallowed thickly as the first strike of lightning hit the trees several feet from where they stood. She looked at her children with full knowledge of the vengeance that was coming.

“Go,” She urged them. “Quickly. And keep running. Cain is not a battle we will fight today. Keep running and do not look back.”

The three of them launched off in the direction of the setting sun, moving with the speed of lightning. Aklia’s prayers to the angels for protection covered them with an invisible shield, blocking Cain’s senses. The roar that followed trailed them for miles until they reached the borders of the blessed lands.

Tonight, Aklia finally claimed success and she knew in time, there were many more victories to be won.

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