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Recently, I made a post on Facebook regarding one of the core issues that comes with being an indie author: identifying and solidifying a relationship with a trustworthy editor. This even applies to graphic designers too. The responsibility that comes with independently publishing your own works is not only expensive but stressful. With the rising costs of living, it is understandable for those who provide literary professionals to increase their rates as well.

However, whenever money is involved, regardless of the amount, it is only fair that a certain amount of professionalism and common courtesy as it relates to return of product and communication is received. But I digress. The last thing I want to do is dive into a long-winded spiral of a rant regarding my personal experiences operating as an indie author.

I said all of that to say this: the release date for The Book of Obsidian has been pushed back to January 20, 2023. Due to unforseeable circumstances and to ensure the quality of the book, I decided it would be best to reset the release date. I will say that this is indeed quite frustrating but there is no stopping this train: EVER!

The Book of Obsidian will be one at least five books that will be unleashed next year and I am very excited to reveal to you all that I have been working on. And, you know what? Timing is everything when it comes to releases. The way that I see it, the delay will work in my favor.

Meanwhile, make sure you are following me on Instagram: @miss_jenkins_books and on Tiktok: @authordelizhia for more content.

Magic. Melanin. Books.

Dragons, always come when I call...

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