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Just a Quick Update

Cain (the first Vampire Hunters Academy prequel) is still being worked on, but there is a release date set for February 15, 2020. Meanwhile, The Forsaken is also in the works among other things, which technically means there will not be another Vampire Hunters Academy novel released until next year. The truth is, I have taken on a number of projects that are on various stages of completion.

But worry not!

The Lost Guardian Chronicles are a series of journals written by your favorite Guardians, journaling their experiences fighting vampires, battling demons and just surviving those days (and nights) before The Academy. You can follow the storylines here:

Also, until the release of Cain's story and Maya's tale (The Book of Maya), you will be able to check out The Sanaya Diaries beginning next week, here on this site.

2020 will definitely be a great year for The Vampire Hunters Academy. But I do encourage you guys to follow The Lost Guardian Chronicles just to get the backstories of Archer, Eve and Congo and witness week by week how their stories merge into one.

So that is it for now my friends! If you are new to this site, take a look around and leave a comment or two about what you think!


The Sanaya Diaries

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