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"I don't write books. I build WORLDS."

Delizhia D. Jenkins

From paranormal romance to fantasy and to horror, I create worlds which highlight powerful women of color. I am a shapeshifter writer who believes in the magic of the pen - my pen. I am a storyteller; a creator and I want to bring you on journey with me into my world. From the pages of my books, I bring you MAGIC. 

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Born into one of the most powerful covens on the North American continent, Maya Beauvais has a past with a dangerous history that brings chills to even the strongest of Guardians from The Vampire Hunters Academy. A witch with the power to open the gates of Hell itself and a destiny to unleash one of the Fallen is indeed a recipe for a cosmic disaster. But as Fate would have it, even a witch like Maya would be granted a choice: become a harbinger of death and destruction or rewrite her narrative in the archives of destiny and become someone great.

She was supposed to be the “Chosen One”. She was next in a long line of vampire hunters to yield her sword against the darkness. But the Darkness had consumed the world, feasting on humanity as she barely has the will to stand.
Vampires have completely taken over, forcing what is left of humanity into the shadows, into a hidden city named Sanctum. With their sources of blood having reached depletion, vampires scour the earth in search of more blood.
And when they find it, will this broken Huntress stand and fight to protect what is left of humanity? Or, is the only way to save the world she was sworn to protect is stand and watch it burn?

The Old Gods have risen...

Kalima, the Protectress of Time and Justice; the Keeper of Karma and the Reaper of Death and Rebirth has awakened, just as the prophecy foretold. Archangels and the Guardians of the Veil known as Keepers have waited for a millennium for her return. A war is brewing on the horizon between the heavens of the spiritual world as gods of every culture and angels prepare the arrival of her reckoning.

An old grudge that spewed from the blood of an ancient betrayal gave way to the promise of a Reaping- a cosmic reset of apocalyptic destruction. Kalima's power, stolen from her and kept hidden in a lost book, known as Obsidian, has been searched for by Archangels, Keepers and humans alike to protect the world from the dark power of Kalima's Scythe.

With the angels in the heavens divided and a prophecy preparing to unfold, the fight for humanity will bring Death to the gods of old.

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