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Tomorrow is my Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and to be honest, I am less than enthused about it although I am grateful to be celebrating another year. I had hoped to be on a flight somewhere either this past weekend or next weekend to celebrate my thirty five years of living. But instead, over the weekend I had to learn another really hard lesson in love (sighs). But I am over it. Thank God it did not go any further than it did. I just have to be more vigilant in protecting my heart. I realized that I have been allowing low vibrational type of men to feel as if they are my equal when they are not. When their actions say they are not and even their circumstances. Every time I take a leap straight to hell to pull someone from out of its bowels, I lose my wings. And some of my light.

I can't do that anymore.

I didn't realize how powerful of a magnet that I am until this weekend and it is because I never wanted to acknowledge my own power that I have found myself mourning someone who really wasn't even a loss.

Better late than never right? And most importantly, life goes on.

I am excited to reveal another character in the Rise of the Elites Collection. Meet Dix, a Fallen Angel and a newly chosen Elite. Fellowship of the Fallen is authored by Kish Knight and will be available on April 5, 2021.

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