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The Book of Obsidian

Well guys, it is really happening. 2022 will mark the year of my twentieth book. I began my publishing journey in 2013 with Love at Last (which is no longer available on any platform at this time. I might republish it later on down the line) followed by a series of titles in the fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance genres. I spent nearly a decade publishing which in truth has been a decade of trial and error; of self-discovery; highs and lows and many times over, failure.

And even in the midst of publishing the most current of titles, I still have unfinished works in progress that are being resurrected from my laptop - The Book of Obsidian one of them. I heard the ramblings of my main character in 2018, I felt the constant push and pull of her calling me from the depths of my spirit. I wrote. I stopped. The first version of her story is lost somewhere on my hard drive which resulted in me having to rewrite the first chapters of her story.

But she is here now.

Kalima's story marks the ending and a beginning for me. I have evolved not only as a writer but as a woman. We are in the era of the rise of the Dark Feminine and let me tell you I am here for all of it.

In the next blog, I will offer you a sneak peek into the story, but before I do that, check this out and tell me what you think in the comments below:

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