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Thank You

This quick blog is to simply say thank you to everyone whom has supported me on this journey of not only publishing and developing my skills and talents as an author, but this journey towards becoming the woman that I am destined to become. It's a strange feeling to approach unexplored territories of emotion, knowledge of self and wherever the universe found fit to direct me. There are moments when I feel out of control of my life and my purpose. There are moments when I question myself, God, everything and everyone... It is even stranger to realize that I am not the same person that I was in 2012...2016...and definitely not 2019. Those are periods I try not to reflect on too much because the young woman I was in 2012...? I despise her. Not because of the things she's done, but the things she allowed and the things she did not accomplish for herself. I remember being unfathomably miserable. Hopeless. Spiritually blind. Ignorant. Self hating.

And now, here I am free to live my life without apology, authentically and with the fullness of an open heart - something that in the previous years I was too afraid to even imagine. And throughout those years, as I embarked on the path of self discovery, removing the burdens of disillusionment, removing mental and emotional baggage that was never mine to carry, its always a blessing. a true gift to know that there are people out there who support your evolution. It is a gift to know there are those who appreciate my uniqueness and whom will never see my value as depreciating.

I really had to sit and think about this and just say THANK YOU. To every reader who took a chance on my first book (Nubia Rising) and every book that has followed, thank you. For every person whom has crossed my path and offered me a word of encouragement without even knowing how badly I needed it, thank you. For every review left on my work, comments made on my posts, encouraging DMs sent, invites to events, thank you.

Thank you for seeing the light in me that I spent so long struggling to see in myself.

The Phoenix has risen.

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