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Sunday Morning

It is 6:54 am . I had initially set my alarm for 4:20 am to start my day because of all of the projects I have lined up for myself and the normal weekend routine of cleaning and preparing for Monday, I planned to get an early start. But 4:20 am came and went and it wasnt until 6:10 that I decided to get my tired carcass up and get some stuff done. Normally, I dread Sundays because my thoughts are focused on what's next: Monday.

But today... I am taking it easy. Today, I am accomplishing what I can rather stressing myself like a mad woman, overwhelmed with life in general. I do enough of that. I can save some of that crazy for tomorrow.

This is really just a pointless blog. The purpose is to really highlight my drifting thoughts and refocus my energies on the tasks that are of priority. So excuse this morning ramble. I will also add that last week was a really good week overall. Reviews were coming in for my books Cain and The Forsaken andI was excited to see Cain sit in the top 100 in the Vampire Horror genre.

I guess I will conclude this blog with this: good are happening. Doors are opening and abundance is is present. All I have to do is trust the process.

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