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Stalker, much?

Most of us spend many of our waking hours scrolling through our Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram newsfeeds. Whether it is just to remain update with friends or family or to promote businesses, music or books, because of the fact that I am author, I have multiple uses for my platform. Promotion, networking, engaging with friends and family, attracting new readers...the list goes on. And in doing so, it is not uncommon to come across or even attract potential business opportunities and opportunities for new friendships built solely around the topic of books. I will add that I have also met amazing people whom are most than just book buddies, but people I can genuinely call "friend".

But unfortunately, like all good things, there will be moments when the dark side of social media reveals itself. Sometimes through the acts of trolls, an ex who refuses to disappear from your life, or in my case a socially inept man with attachment issues who may also suffer from light to moderate narcissism.

Per usual, upon introduction, it's innocent conversation. And from my experience, he was actually an active member of my Facebook group Black Writers of Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy I believe for over a year. And it wasn't until a particular post I made in my group when he felt emboldened enough to slide in my DM's.