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Rise of the Elites, Slay and More...

For those of you who have been following me on my Facebook page (and Instagram), the cover reveals for the world building collection Rise of the Elites have already begun. The Rise of the Elites Collection includes the following authors:

USA Today Bestselling authors: Jessica Cage, Jennifer Laslie, K.R. Fajardo and Mikel Wilson.

Followed by Kish Knight, E.M. Lacey and yours truly... me :)

The series is set for scheduled release dates beginning in March 2021, beginning with Reign of the White Phoenix (written by Jessica Cage) followed by House of the Blue Flame (me). After that comes Order of the Shadow Dynasty (Jennifer Laslie) and then Ascension of the Blood Throne (Mikel Wilson). The next three titles have yet to be revealed but they will be posted in an updated blog. Meanwhile, check out what has been revealed so far:

For more information on the Rise of the Elite characters, head on over to the website:

I am also pleased to announce that my story Frostbite will be published in the Mocha Memoir Press anthology, titled Slay. For all of my vampire lovers out there, I highly encourage you to preorder this book because it includes short stories written by some of the best African American authors out there. It is indeed an honor to be seated at the table with authors that I admire.

Slay is set for release on October 13, 2020.

So you guys, this concludes this morning's blog. I will take the time to simply say RIP to the phenomenal actor Chadwick Boseman. You were an inspiration to many. Your talent left an unforgettable impression on this world. We loved you as James Brown. We loved you as Jackie Robinson. But you always be Ta'Challa.

Long live the King!

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