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Rise of the Elites House of the Blue Flame Countdown

We are less than a month away from the release of the highly anticipated Rise of the Elites collection. Writing about dragon shifters in particular has been a challenge for me. I mean think about it, I'm used to writing about vampires, demons, huntresses and single mothers awakening to the goddess within (*cough, cough* The Lost Queen). Participating in a world building series, however, pushed me creatively. And to be honest, this book has received the most preorders out of all of previous work. For those of you who have stumbled across this post and happened to have preordered your copy of House of the Blue Flame, THANK YOU!

The House of the Blue Flame is set for release on March 8, 2021. You still have time to preorder your copy and have it immediately sent to your kindle the moment the book is live. Click on the link to preorder: House of the Blue Flame (The Rise of the Elites Collection) eBook: Jenkins, Delizhia, Elites, Rise of the : Kindle Store.

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