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Quick Update

It's been a month since I lasted posted anything here. But ya girl has been busy... busy trying to get her mind together; her spiirit together; and simply figuring out the direction I want both my personal and professional life to go in next year. And I'm still working through some things. I will be back to the regularly scheduled program once the holidays are over because I do have much more to share and create.

Until then, I've compiled a list of interviews and podcasts that Ive done over the last two years for you guys to check out which is listed below. I'm also becoming more active on TikTok and I invite you to follow me there @authordelizhia.

Happy holidays everyone!

Interview With Author Delizhia Jenkins - Paul’s Fantasy Writings (


nterview with Author Delizhia Jenkins – Ramona Portelli Blog

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Delizhia Jenkins – J. Scott Coatsworth (

Vampire Q&A: Delizhia Jenkins (Vampire Hunters Academy) — Monster Complex

Celebrating POC Authors in Fantasy: Delizhia Jenkins (

Delizhia Jenkins Slays Eleven Questions (

Sapphirejblue chats with Author Delizhia Jenkins -The Forsaken-The Vampire Hunt 08/10 by Interviews11 | Books (

Conversations with Sapphire JBlue chats with Author Delizhia Jenkins 05/13 by Interviews11 | Books (

Black Indie Spec Fiction Authors You Should Know: Tina's List (

Duality Books | Podcasts on Audible |

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