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Nighttime Thoughts

I know, I know...I've been overdue for another blog for a month now. And since I am completely relaxed after an hour of self care in the shower, I finally sat down and thought, hmmm... it's time for another blog. I've spent the last month struggling to compete a short story for a box set called Wastelands and Wanderers ( which is available now). The source of my struggle came from just being overwhelmed with both my personal life and professional life. Here I learned the importance of taking a break when needed. There are also old wounds that I am still healing from and I have experienced quite a few recent experiences that triggered each and every one of those wounds.

Spiritually, I am expanding and I have learned to receive and let go of each disappointment and barrier that I come across. This is all part of my growth as an individual and even as a writer. What readers may sometime forget is that oftentimes, the pages that they love to read come from spaces of pain, disappointment, rage...the darkest emotions that stem from the deepest parts of ourselves. And as of recently, I found myself returning to those dark spaces I've been trying to bury. However, as I began to sink deeper into myself, I discovered an entity that that had been hiding right underneath the surface of my skin. I have always felt her presence shifting about in my spirit, demanding freedom, but I unconsciously locked her away. My spirit knows who she is and now as I type this, fully awakened to my true self, I am able to see her for who she is.

Looking back, others have felt her energy and either resented it or, recognized the potential for personal gain. In knowing this, I understand the importance of protecting my space and energy. That entity is pure fire and she chose me - she chose me, because she is me. For those who stumble across this blog and have found themselves struggling to find peace, love, stability and all of the things we tend to look for in another person, find it within YOU first. We live in a world where many of us were programmed to seek validation through external experiences, rather than the experiences that take place from within. Be mindful of your pain, be mindful of what makes you smile, be mindful of every thought and every emotion because all of it leads you right back to who you are supposed to be: you.

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