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My Letter to the Black Man

I'm sitting here struggling to find the words to express the deep hurt and empathy I feel for my black men: my brothers, my sons, my fathers, my husbands, my uncles, my cousins... Oh the burden you carry, the price that you pay for being who you are. You are kings - better yet- gods shaped directly from the primordial pools of strength and regality. You are living Suns; a reflection of the most powerful star in our solar system and yet here in our physical world, you are treated like an animal.

You were robbed of your position for greatness. Stolen and sold to a land unfamiliar to you where your fundamental rights as a human being were stripped from you. Black Men, I hear you...your pain echoes from the deepest caverns of the earth; the sky is ripped apart from your rage.

I hear you.

It wasn't your fault that they broke your spirit; raped your soul; drained you of your strength...they murdered your mind and stole the knowledge of your history and lined their pocketbooks with the spirits of your people!

Black Men I see you.

As a man, it is encoded within your masculine DNA to protect and here you stood in a new land, hundreds of miles away from you belonged, naked, beaten, bloodied, humiliated, and stripped of the very ability to protect your other half. Me, she, her...First they took your body, then they took your mind and now they hunt for your spirit - your soul.

Black Men, I still see you.

Some of you were raised in households where love and nurturing did not exist. Toxic wombs laid the foundation of your upbringing. Rather than being validated with positive affirmations you were reminded of the disappointment that you are not; and of the pain that you did not cause. Many of you were forced to take risks at too young of an age for the sake of your household. Your mother's tears left a scar in your soul. You witnessed her struggle with the demons that haunted the sacred spaces of her mind; you watched her emotionally bleed out from a broken heart. Some of you tried to be what was missing in the household that lacked the strength of a father because "they" and "their" system, got him too. His mind was taken too; his spirit was broken too; his heart never fully blossomed from love; he was beaten before he had the chance to play the game.

Black Men, we need you. I need you.

As a black woman, I am here to say that I am sorry that you weren't heard; that you were not validated. I'm sorry that love yet to find you. I'm sorry that you were told not to cry, forced to hold in emotion because a man expressing himself is deemed as weak. I'm sorry that your value still remains what it did on "Black Friday" on the auction block- you are so much more than flesh and bone meant for sale. I'm sorry that I didn't hear you when you asked for help. I'm sorry that I ignored you when you needed someone to just vent to.

I'm sorry that you were told you weren't good enough to be a provider or a protector. We need your strong arms wrapped around us, Black Men. We need your strength. We need your intellect. We need your diplomacy. We need you to restore the balance between our energies; between us as Black Men and Black Women. You are more than enough. The reason why you are hunted and caged is that your power is too great for this matrix; for this current earthly design. We all make mistakes but there are those of you who have suffered at the harsh hands of "justice" in the name of "Just Us".

Your tears are diamonds Black Men. They are just as valuable as the stars that litter the night sky. Your cry for justice; for freedom; for the right to EXIST; to live; to love; to laugh has been heard. Petitions to the heavens have been made on your behalf. The Divine Feminine- your counterpart- is just as weary and filled with rage as you are. Can you not feel it? The Divine Feminine are ready to armor up, unsheathe her blade of Truth and go to war to avenge what has been done to you.

Black Men, I love you.

I love the way the melanin drips from your skin; how your smiles light up the world; how you still have enough fight in you to open your eyes each and every morning. I love how your laughter bellows from mountainside to seaside; how your joy brings peace to the world around you. I love the way you walk like you are dancing on the rays of the sun; I love the song of your soul when its just you and the moon.

Black Men, you matter. You always did. You were lied to; you were told that you are only good enough to fuck; only good enough to make money for someone other than yourself. You were told that Black Women despise you; that you are weak; infantile and incapable of being worthy of the divine right that is humanity.

I hope that if you as a Black Man are reading this, my prayer is that you find peace. My prayer is that you wake up to who you are and take your rightful place in this world. I pray that you are in the position where love has found you; where you are in the arms of a woman who values you; respects your opinion and understands your pain. I pray that you in turn, see her as an equal; someone worthy to stand beside you. I pray that you are able to build your own kingdom and work to unravel the web of lies that have left your brothers, fathers, and ancestors dead (spiritually and physically).

In short, I just wanted you to know...

I see you King.

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