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Memoirs of a Huntress - a Patreon Exclusive

For fans of my most popular series, The Vampire Hunters Academy, I've decided to give readers more insight into the main protagonist, Sanaya and her journey into becoming a Huntress. For $5 a month, you will be granted access into the secret vaults of The Vampire Hunters Academy wherein you will be able to gain access to the journals and writings of popular characters such as Cain, Sanaya and the rest of the Guardians. As a member, look forward to exclusive content, found nowhere else but on Patreon. Check out the first episode of the new series, Memoirs of a Huntress below:

October 12, 2015

It has been two months since my world came to a screeching halt; two months since my already chaotic household was turned upside down; two months since I witnessed my mother’s throat be ripped out by my father who somehow… became a vampire. Since then, I’ve been haunted by the memories of that night, waking up in a cold sweat sometimes in the late hours of the night. I can still hear my mother’s terrified pleas to my father, begging him not to kill her. That icy sense of dread that crept into my psyche, the chills that forced the hairs on the back of my neck to stand at full attention; the scent of death which filtered into my nostrils and into my airwaves creating a wave of nausea – which according to the Guardians, was my vampire hunting instincts warning me of danger.

I will never forget that night. Had it not been for the accuracy of Tatsu’s blade which reduced who was once my father to ash. I had no idea that I was being trailed by both ends of the spectrum of Good and Evil. For all I knew, I was something – I could see things that no one else could, hear things that no one else could, feel things that no one else could… I was never sick like the other kids during the cold and flu seasons; I was always a little bit faster than my peers when it came to physical activity – until I reached puberty and then well…I believed that maybe I was some sort of ill-fated superhero.

I was raised in a household where denial ran rampant. My mother spent most of her days drowning herself in a sea of lies and self-destruction while my father continued to love everyone and everything else but the family he created at home. So, hiding who and what I had become easy. Neither of them knew about the visions that I experienced after my thirteenth birthday. They were coming for me…blood sucking entities, some of them hundreds of years beyond the grave, and I was the key to their undoing. However, there was one particular entity, his eyes a deep chocolate brown with a hint of red at the center of his irises. His shadowy outline never revealed his exact identity, but from what I can remember, he large, hulking frame loomed over me, with the promise of death clung which to his skin. Many a night I woke up in a cold sweat, clinging to my comforter completely unaware of the fact that my dreams were a foretelling of my life’s path.

And now, here I am at a school and training center for the supernaturally gifted – those whose destiny is intertwined with my own which is to hunt and kill anything that bubbles up from hell or to send it back to the grave where it belongs. The night that my parents were killed, I was told by my rescuers that they had been searching for me for sixteen years.

“Get ready for the ride of your life kid,” Archer told me. “Hunting vampires is your life now – whether you are ready for it or not. One way or another, one of them - ” he told me as he pointed at the pile of ash that was once my father. “Is going to try to take you out. They will not only come after you but any one ever associated with you: friends, family, the delivery man who made the mistake of leaving a package at your house… they can track you now. So welcome to the club. I am going to teach you everything you need to know. You ain’t dying on my watch.”

With both of my parents dead and no other family willing to take me in, it was easy for my new Guardians to assume custody of me – their connections were ever reaching, at least that is what it seemed like to me. And I went from packing up what I could in a few suitcases and leaving my entire life behind within a matter of days. Both of my parent’s death certificates were the result of a huge cover up, courtesy of the Vatican. I mean, I can understand not wanting law enforcement let alone the rest of humanity to discover that vampires are not just fictional characters of horror.

However, I am not ok. At least not today. And as welcoming and supportive as the Guardians have been, I just really want to go home. I want to hear my mother’s voice again. I want to see her slumped over in the recliner, with an empty bottle of gin tipped over next to her. I want to return to those days and nights when I forced her to drink coffee to help her with her hang overs. As dysfunctional as those moments were – and even then, I would pray for normalcy- I wish I could have it back. There was a time when I wished for a mother who actually wanted to be a mother and didn’t view me as a burden of responsibility and a reminder of her failed marriage.

But now, I would gladly take it all back because, having a mother is a lot better than having to live without one… Mom, I’m so sorry I failed you. I wanted to save you, I just didn’t know how. But if you can hear me, hear my thoughts, know this: I love you always.


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