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For those of you who may be following me on any one of my social media platforms, Medusa may have taken over some of your timelines. For almost a year, I have been embodying this entity, coining the phrase, " I Could Neva" upon concluding emotionally triggering rants about love and relationships.

Originally, Medusa came on the scene after I stumbled upon this particular filter for pure "kicks and giggles". Now, this has turned into something more. Medusa represents female empowerment. She's a survivor. She transmuted her pain into power, which is a lesson in and of itself. She is the manifestation of the dark feminine rage, the catalyst of change. And so, with all of that in mind, I decided to expand what I have already accomplished with her character and create something new. Check out the video below:

*Squeals with excitement* I am beyond thrilled and excited to introduce the I Could Neva journals to the world. Medusa is here to EMPOWER; to inspire the changes needed to thrive within. As I have said many times before, I write for the woman without the fairytale.

And I meant every word of it.

Signing off!

Miss Jenkins

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