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From the Sacred Pages of The Book of Obsidian

The Book of Obsidian 1:1

There are gifts of Heaven such as the dawn; the night sky and life in and of itself. But there are curses: Curses that stain the night and blot out even the light of the stars. Her curse is many – as many as the names she holds.

Book of Obsidian 1:2: She breathes fire; but she was born of a celestial body – tis is the result of life’s spark. Death fears her, while life cowers at the mere mention of her name.

Book of Obsidian 1:3: She wears several rings and rules over empires of death. She swings her Scythe in the name of Harvest while bearing the mark of the Reaper.

Book of Obsidian 1:4: A Reaper is a collector of lost things; but Kalima is the Harvester of Sins.

of Obsidian 1:5: The armies of Heaven and Hell will lay siege to her throne of Darkness only to fall; just as the armies of the earth.

Book of Obsidian 1:6: She who is the Destroyer of worlds, with the spin of her Scythe is the answer to the call of both Death and Life.

Book of Obsidian 1:7: Her rage is like that of a cloud of locusts devouring a field. It is unmerciful, relentless and unforgiving. The dark trembles at her feet, bowing to her whim. She is like that of a nightmare with no end.

Book of Obsidian 1:8: Destroyer of life but born of pure Light. She is the broken star that swallows the night. Angels watch for her; for when she comes it is because Fate had been tested. Her true name is Genesis.

Coming December 22, 2022...

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