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I've been working my booty off creating content and writing exclusive storylines for my page on Patreon. Those who are subscribed to this website have been able to receive some exclusive reads through monthly newsletters. However, my series The Vampire Hunters Academy has way too much to include here on this site and I figured those who are fans of the series may want to indulge in more stories and content that involves the Huntress (Sanaya Scott) and the fan favorite, Cain. Check out the promo video that I made to highlight what to expect from Cain's new Patreon series, The Chronicles of Cain and then scroll down to reach episode one that is already available on Patreon.

Episode One

December 3, 1985

New York, New York

“Another phony,” Thomas spat, dismissing the dead Guardian with disgust.

“I told you that typically before another Huntress is born, there will be an increase in the number of gifted humans born…Decoys to be exact.” I study the fallen Guardian. She put up a good fight on her own, using her telekinetic gifts, she was nearly successful in putting a broken piece of wood in Thomas’ chest. But her silver bullets were not quick enough, nor was her draw of her hand. Her friends, I’m sure were out looking for her. Separating her from her group was the most effective way to test her talents, to see if she would prove herself to be the most worthy of adversaries. But alas, no…just another Guardian.

What a shame.

“Her blood was sweet though,” Thomas continued, licking his lips. Blood still dripped from his chin, leaving a nasty mess on his silk shirt. “Vegetarians always taste better.”

“You are going to have to get a new shirt,” I point out.

Thomas smiled, exposing a magnificent set of fangs that some how matched well with the rest of his teeth. His dark skin held a stark contrast underneath the light of the full moon. This winter night would probably be the coldest experienced by the team of Guardians that plagued the city of New York. They lost yet another fighter, one who demonstrated exceptional talents and…who had her entire life ahead of her.


“So what do you wanna do with her?” Thomas asked, still examining the Guardian. “Should I turn her? Or do you prefer to do the honors?”

I ignore his smirk to focus on the heavy sound of footsteps, pounding against the pavement, closing in on us. More Guardians.

“No. Leave her. There is more work to be done.” The cold winter wind blew through the alley that we stood, bringing with it the combined scents of the Guardians and the few scattered humans that wandered the empty streets. “Let’s go,” I command. “Before they turn you into dust.”

“I still got a lot of fight in me,” Thomas protested. “I’ve been itching to get back at these Guardians for dusting Farah.”

I close my eyes and inhale deeply. For a seventy five year old vampire, it still amazes me that he lasted this long. However, I reckon that tonight will be his last night. The team of Guardians are moving as a cohesive unit, in sync in their rage, fueled by hatred and grief. Once they see their fallen team member, even with all of his vampiric abilities, this alley would too become Thomas’ gravesite.

“Suite yourself,” I shrug. “It’s your death.” I dematerialize into the airwaves, leaving Thomas alone to deal with his fate.

There has been an energy shift on this forsaken planet – I can feel it. The energies that protect this planet have grown denser. Guardians are becoming more aggressive in their hunts, willing to risk it all just to pave the wave for her next coming – the Huntress. Oh, I cannot wait to taste her sweat in battle; to hear her war cry echo into the heavens, to watch her lust for my blood upon her blade will be nothing short of pleasure.

Oh sweet Huntress, I think to myself as I continue to ascend towards the rooftop of the Sears building. May the stars guide me to your birth…may our destinies intertwine and may your sword find mine…

For more episodes, subscribe to The Vampire Hunters Academy Patreon for just $5 a month.

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