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Exclusive Content is now Available on Patreon

I've been working my booty off creating content and writing exclusive storylines for my page on Patreon. Those who are subscribed to this website have been able to receive some exclusive reads through monthly newsletters. However, my series The Vampire Hunters Academy has way too much to include here on this site and I figured those who are fans of the series may want to indulge in more stories and content that involves the Huntress (Sanaya Scott) and the fan favorite, Cain. Check out the promo video that I made to highlight what to expect from Cain's new Patreon series, The Chronicles of Cain and then scroll down to reach episode one that is already available on Patreon.

Episode One

December 3, 1985

New York, New York

“Another phony,” Thomas spat, dismissing the dead Guardian with disgust.

“I told you that typically before another Huntress is born, there will be an increase in the number of gifted humans born…Decoys to be exact.” I study the fallen Guardian. She put up a good fight on her own, using her telekinetic gifts, she was nearly successful in putting a broken piece of wood in Thomas’ chest. But her silver bullets were not quick enough, nor was her draw of her hand. Her friends, I’m sure were out looking for her. Separating her from her group was the most effective way to test her talents, to see if she would prove herself to be the most worthy of adversaries. But alas, no…just another Guardian.

What a shame.