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Coming Soon: The Book of Obsidian

Here is short chapter snippet of what I will be unleashing into the world next year.

“Michael, move now!

“Seal her up! She cannot escape!”

I leaped across a gorge and threw another blast of my dark fury at the two archangels who attempted to block my path. I’ve had enough. For what purpose was I born to simply be locked away, to become nothing more than a dead prophecy just because humanity had proven that there might be another path? This was my destiny… slamming my feet into the ground, the earth rumbled and quaked as it split apart. Humans were nothing more than wastes of flesh and bone. They killed for pleasure just as much as they fucked for pleasure; the damned tended to rule the weak while the meek and mild perished with suffering. Summoning my Scythe into my grip, I spun it, fueling it with my dark rage. For centuries I had slept, trapped in my own dream world of paradise, under the spell of the Watchers who knew that the day of my awakening would come. Overtime, the desperate cries from the humans would filter their way into my dreamscape. There were days would I lie on the lush green grass of the fields and gaze at the sun. And there were nights when I would sit naked and alone under the light of the moon, wondering if the other gods and lords knew that I existed. I yearned for contact, for touch, for a word… but even during those moments when I felt most alone, still I was at peace.

And then the piercing scream of a human child cut through the silence of the sun.

I started to watch humans through my dreams by stepping out into the creek where I could see from behind the Veil. Curious creatures they were…I spent many a night studying them, often focusing on a single group and observing them well beyond their life spans. I grew to empathize with their struggles and often petitioned the heavens on their behalf. From my dreamscape world, I often would send guides and messengers in the form of my favorite winged creature – the crow- to assist when needed. In time humans, soon recognized my presence and some had learned from their masters how to harness their own power and communicate with those of us hidden in the worlds between.

I’ve been called many times throughout the ages, but on this eve, only the angels will remember me as the Great Cleanser. I can taste the sin that hangs in the air. No more. No more murder. No more tears.

“You cannot stop me Michael nor you Gabriel!” I shout as the winds begin to pick up in speed.

“Kalima…” The deep velvety voice of a soul that even in my blackened rage, could never ever hurt. “Please don’t do this…”

I could feel him behind me, my Micha. My dear sweet Micha. The only male who understood my depths and watered my spirit with his love. He was neither human nor god, but somehow existed in both the flesh and spirit.

“Micha… once my Scythe begins to spin, this cycle of earth must come to an end,” I remind him softly. “You must go. Go to The Veil and stay there until my return. I do not want you harmed here.”

“You cannot harm me,” he told me, placing his warm hand on my shoulder. “But the angels and the lords… the masters have spoken. You are not to execute the prophecy before its time.”

“They knew what I was when I was created. They knew me before I knew of my power and they cast me into a deep slumber only for me to awaken to my fury when the time came. How can I not be fulfilling a prophecy that they knew would happen?”

I could sense Michael and his band of loyalist closing in on me from above and with a twist of my wrist and sent another shockwave of power that blew them out of the sky.

“I’m so sorry my love,” I heard Micha whisper to me. “But I cannot let you do this…” The sharpness of a cursed obsidian dagger pierced straight through the muscles and tendons of my back and into my heart. The pain of both his actions and the actual betrayal itself could not be matched. I felt my power drip from hands as my blood did from the wound. My Scythe slowly came to a stop only to collapse on the ground in front of me. Clutching my chest, I dropped to my knees and studied my blood soaked hands. Micha’s mournful wails wrapped around me. His pain became mine and mine his. He wanted to protect the world from me, from my power… but his gentle heart could never fathom that the world didn’t need protection, it needed my help.

“I love you Kalima. I will love you in this life and the next and so forth… but right now, you cannot exist here…”

Death is a rebirth; and it is in death where I am reborn. Micha sent me back to the dreamscape, where my spirit could be one with the sun and moon. But he never returned to me. He left me alone for us to be separated by the Veil… that is, until my spirit was once again called forth to be born in the flesh. Yet, my spirit would remain sleeping, resting peacefully in the physical form of a human in a world where gods no longer walked among men but were men. And these men would soon learn what it would mean to bow before a greater god.

Release Date: December 21, 2021.

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