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Claimed by Temptation

As mentioned last week, I have some awesome projects that are pending release. Last year, the opportunity to be included in a "Black Girl Magic" themed anthology presented itself and I was more than enthused to hop on board. Bestselling romance author, Ariel Marie is responsible for this amazing collection of short stories of enchanting, magical, powerful black women who find themselves in the throes of some serious adventures. From vampires, Jinn, shifters, dragons even - (Leesha McCoy is amazing for this one) - you name it, the black women in this book are conquering it (taming it even).

I am over the moon excited to have my story included in this. The paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres need more characters of color for the readers who wish to see themselves on the bookshelves and in the kindle store. So before I conclude this blog, check out the snippet below of my title, A Date With The Devil:

“He hurt you, didn’t he?” Anthony growls, his hot hard body hovering now just inches above mine. He leaves a trail of kisses across my collar bone and moves upward to that spot directly underneath my chin.

I gasp, afraid to answer. Afraid of my own body’s response to his. His thick hard length brushes against my inner thigh, begging for entrance.

“Tell me. He hurt you.”

There was nothing for me to say. He and I both know the answer. He hurt me. He left a permanent scar on my heart that regardless of how much time and space we put between us, there is no healing. No relief from the pain.

“Give it to me. Give me your pain,” Anthony commands.

Tears fill my eyes as my body betrayed me with its own hunger for Anthony. My heart cries out its duality: the hurt from the pain of a relationship lost, and the desire for what is in front of me.

“Take it,” I whisper. “Please take away the pain.”

Our bodies become one as he enters me bit by bit, inch by inch, stretching and filling me out to maximum capacity. Cupping one of my breasts, he takes his time, patient with his thrusts, giving me time to adjust to the invasion. Yet this was no invasion. This is a different kind of heaven, one that I cannot hold back from. His hands are everywhere, melting into my skin, sending pleasure filled shockwaves through my system. He gains momentum, pushing both of my legs back for deeper penetration. His head is tilted back, Adam’s apple exposed. He is deep within me, and one of the hardest orgasms I would ever experience is building and then…

I see it.


He has no idea that his fangs have crested, glimmering underneath the light of the candle. Yet my mind cannot process what is happening, other than the pleasure that he is giving me. My body tightens around him, and his fangs lengthen. His hips move like a piston against mine, and I can’t take it. His head collapses against my throat, and with each hot breath against my skin, I lose it. Good lord I lose it. A lightning bolt of orgasmic electricity takes over me. We both cry out. He still moves against me in a series of hard thrusts until he collapses, completely spent. We lie there, still connected for a good few minutes as I try to recap what just happened.

Son of a bitch.

I just fucked a vampire.

Claimed by Temptation is available now for preorder (release date is March 17, 2020). If you loved what you read so far, please order your copy and prepare for a serious dose of Black Girl Magic.

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