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Cain - Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

The heavens had no fury like the force of Cain as he tore through the bush after his sister and her children. She killed his twins! His Tati and Tyre! Yes, he would have dealt with them but that was not her right to do so. After quietly disappearing from the village, he had already thought about the punishments for both Tati and Tyre. Both of them would have been dragged to separate corners of the earth and in the deepest and tallest of mountains for a good century or two. But never, never could he fathom actually murdering his children, regardless of how monstrous they are. He believed he would beat Eliana to them, and he had hoped that in time he could have convinced her to forgive, but instead…

No. His wretched sister, daughter of his awful stepfather Adam had taken them away from him.

“You cannot run Aklia!” He bellowed just as he was blinded by a shield of white light that stopped him in his tracks. “You cannot run! I will strip you of your spine, grind your teeth into powder and I will turn each of your children into the very thing you hate! All of your children, will be MINE!”

He stopped running and sucked in deep breaths, trying to calm the rage that waged within him like a personal typhoon. He craved nothing but destruction. The pain in his heart cut deep and he could only imagine the pain that Luluwa would feel once she learned of what happened.

“One way or another Aklia,” he growled. “You will die by my hand, just as my children were killed by yours.”


“You lie…” Luluwa whispered, clutching his arm with such strength that her nails dug deep into his flesh. “Please tell me that you lie…”

Cain gently pulled her hand away. “I wish I am not my love. Tati and Tyre…they are gone.”

Fresh tears filled her eyes as she gripped her swollen belly. “My children!”

Nunka growled while his wife looked on with sympathy. “ So it was Eliana that did this?”

Cain shook his head. “No. My sister did this. My sister, whom has hunted us down for centuries has finally succeeded in taking not just one but toe of us out.”

“Let me find her father,” Nunka offered. “Please.”

“Where she is, you cannot go son,” Cain stated, pulling a weeping Luluwa into his arms. “But I promise you son, I promise all of you that justice will be served.”

“And what of Eliana?” Nunka asked. “She swore vengeance upon my siblings as well.”

“Let her find peace,” Cain said sadly. “We will deal with Eliana when the time comes. For now, we will remain on these lands until Luluwa gives birth and then it is best that we move on elsewhere…”

“I hope you are not planning on leaving because of your sister!” Nunka snapped, his dark eyes glaring at his father.

“Aklia will be dead by my hand so no,” Cain said dryly. “And it would be wise for you to watch your tone son. I would hate for you to meet the intended fates of Tati and Tayre.”

Nunka looked down while his wife turned her head. Luluwa wiped away her tears and grimaced. Beads of sweat formed at her brow as she clutched her stomach and doubled over.

“Luluwa!” Cain cried, kneeling down, taking her hand into his. What’s wrong?”

“The baby!” Luluwa screamed as she slid to the ground. “It’s coming! It’s coming!”

Nunka and Naima rushed to Luluwa’s side to assist. Cain positioned himself in front of his wife, prepared to become her midwife, doctor and coach. Luluwa rested her head on Naima’s lap and cried out once more. She bit down hard on her lip, fighting back tears.

“Come on Lu,” Cain encouraged her. “Push. I can see the head.”

Luluwa screamed again but did as she was told. In a long series of hard pushes, Luluwa’s lungs nearly gave out from exhaustion as the sounds of a crying infant filled the air. Cain cradled the bloodied newborn to his chest, in awe of the enchanting green eyes that started back at him.

“What did we have?” Luluwa whispered.

Cain smiled. “You gave me another daughter. On a full moon, a child with eyes the color of emeralds is born…” He paused as he continued to gaze at the infant with awe. “We will call you Selene.”

Luluwa smiled weakly while Naiama gently smoothed away her hair. “That’s a beautiful name my love…Tati and

Tyre would have loved her.”

Cain rose to his feet, still cradling his minutes old daughter and took her to the far side of the room, where he wrapped her in a blanket. Grief, anger and joy fought for dominance in his system as he contemplated their next move. Aklia would surely pay for what she took from him. As a matter of fact, all of her descendants would pay for the sins committed this eve. He would see to it.

“Rest,” Cain commanded his wife. “You have done well and you have honored me – as always.” He turned to face his son, Nunka who still clung to his mother’s side.

“Go feed son. With your mother in this vulnerable condition, I do not trust that my sister will not attack again. We need to be strong.”

Nunka sprung to his feet and nodded. “Yes, father.” He turned to his wife Naima. “Watch over my mother.”

“I will guard her with my life,” Naima vowed.

Nunka disappeared as mist and took to the night, while Cain continued to stare into the eyes of his newborn daughter.

“I will protect you,” Cain whispered to the infant. “This I promise you.”

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