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Cain - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

Aklia, Yam and Lana barely reached the border of the Blessed Lands just minutes before sundown. Amaya, Moon and Elan overheard their arrival and rushed to greet them, lest Cain had found a way to cross the threshold.

“We were successful,” Aklia huffed, bending down to catch her breath. “Tati and Tayre are no more.”

“We took their heads!” Yam proclaimed. “Now our dear Seth can rest easy knowing that justice has been served.”

“There will be no justice upon this earth until Cain and his abominations are gone,” Aklia growled. “It is imperative that you all begin training those of our family that are of age and have manifested their gifts. They can no longer afford to sit idle on these protected lands when more blood will be shed.”

“Seth’s daughter Nanari has the gift of fire and she is nearly as strong as Lana mother,” Yam offered.

“Prepare her. Tomorrow prepare all of them.” Aklia straightened her spine and began walking ahead, acknowledging the youngest members of her and Seth’s tribe as she approached her the two story dwelling built with mud and stone. “I must rest and commune with Spirit for guidance. Cain will not be denied retribution. He will come for each of us and then all of this will be for naught.”

“But mother,” Yam pressed. “We have him! He is weak! We should-

“Do nothing. He is not weak. He is enraged. Do not be foolish. Celebrate this victory but prepare for war.” Aklia walked away, her thoughts focused on all of the battles that led up to this point. The plan was to meet with Michael for assistance with a war strategy and intel on Cain’s moves. The game had taken a more dangerous turn and if she was going to win, she needed to prepare.


Cain watched an exhausted Luluwa rest her head against the bundle of sheep’s skin as Selene took her breast. Both pride and sorrow filled him, as did rage. The slow burn of his rage simmered to the surface of his skin. Nunka had gone out in search of his sister Eliana, hoping to bring her back home to family while Naima went out to hunt. He had no idea where he would relocate them. He just knew he would travel as far west as he could. And once Luluwa was safely tucked away, far from Aklia’s reach, and then there would be blood.

Aklia would not bring herself to hide in the Blessed Lands when there were still vulnerable human populations at risk for annihilation. No, she couldn’t bare to sit back and watch as humanity suffered. He would draw her out, with her sword raised high above her head and into a certain death. And then, he would eradicate her children. Their names blotted out from history. What his dear sister took from him, he would take from her a thousand times over.

Selene’s gentle breathing brought comfort to his enraged thoughts. He would forever mourn the loss of his twins. And with Eliana not here with them, he felt himself losing what was left of the humanity he clung to. Even while human, he was treated as a curse to his core family, the first humans, moreso by his own “father”. Eve had done what she could to protect and even while he was banished from the Blessed Lands, she wanted to keep him safe. The only family that he had left, were what was left: his precious Luluwa, Nunka, his wife Naima, Eliana and now Selene.

Adam had inherited the earth and so had his sons. But he was no son of Adam.

And so, he, Cain, Murderer of his brother Abel; Dark Curse; Son of the Fallen Star, would take what was rightfully his as the rightful first- born son and those who dared to stand in his way, would pay dearly. No man, nor angel, or huntress would be able to stand against him.

Not even God himself.

Adam treated him as if he were a monster. The archangels hunted him as if he were the plague. And now his own blooded sister and her offspring wanted his head and for what?

“Let them come,” Cain growled, staring off into the dimming light.

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