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Black Writers on Tour

Well, thanks to the sensationalizing of the new virus of 2020 making its presence known in every country known as the coronavirus, the highly anticipated event, Black Writers on Tour has been postponed until further notice. At this time, the sponsor has not proposed a rescheduled date for the event and for those who were looking forward to attending, as much as it sucks, better safe than sorry.

Besides, this will give me more time to increase my inventory of books, posters and a few more goodies for prospective readers.

Meanwhile, the release of Claimed by Temptation, featuring my short story A Date With The Devil is just two days away. So if you haven't already, there is still time to preorder your copy and on Tuesday, it is already a part of your kindle book family.

Also, both Cain the first prequel of my series The Vampire Hunters Academy AND book 5 of the series, The Forsaken are also available for preorder (release date is 7/4/2020).

The Forsaken:

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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