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Black History Month: Authors You Should Know

While February is known for the chocolate covered strawberries, roses, and sweet utterings of love, it also marks a reminder for all of the contributions that African Americans made to Western society - in the form of Black History Month. I have spent the first month of 2022 executing my plans towards the expansion of my platform and bringing to life more stories to add to the bookshelves of readers: new and old. However, during the process of brainstorming new ideas to promote my brand, I thought about the number of talented writers and authors that I have come across over the years, many of which I am proud to call my friends.

From Dark Fantasy to romantic dramas to Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror, next month I will bring to my platform some of the most prolific writers which includes award winning talent and chart-topping best sellers across genres.

Just the thought excites me...

Each week, be prepared to check out the interviews of each author I introduce. You just might find the author you were looking for ;)

See you next week!

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