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Authors You Should Know: Hans Buckle

It is always a pleasure getting to know my colleagues on a personal level when it comes to writing. I am now proud to introduce to the MJB platform another talented author, Hans Buckle. Check him out below: My name is Hans Buckle. I am a 41-year-old retired veteran that hails out of the England Area. I write in the genre of young adult fantasy using the Todorov method of storytelling. I have been writing as far back as I can remember as a child. Folded loose notebook paper was at that time how a started made books. Stories filled the with all the wonderful stories that my little-minded could create. I got serious about writing later in my life when I saw that there was a void of black-inspired stories.

I wanted to fill the void. On a journey to empower and encourage black children on how important the life skill of reading is. Reading can take you place that no other skill can. My journey of writing was a long one. I never thought I had the time or the energy to get back to the art form that I fell in love with as a child. During the pandemic, I know this was my time to focus on something that bring my life joy. So, I strap in and start right away, the best feeling ever.

My advice for anyone finding the desire to start their quest of writing is to enjoy the journey. There will be times when the writing flows and then their time when the dreaded writer's block will set in. Get inspiration from your environment, friend and family. My experience as a writer of color is the same as non-people of color. Experience and knowledge, no matter what race you are. You must put in the time to grow your audience. It is a slow grind but a very rewarding one.

My recent book Jacob and the journey to the underworld. Follows Jacob and a magical African mask that springs to life. He takes Jacob into a world of thrills and chills. The inspiration for the book come from all the oral story of the continent of Africa. The myth and legend of mighty gods and deities.

My plan is to create film and series for my books and story out of color people folk tales and stories. One memorable accomplishment was to see a completion of my book. Signed and delivered to the people that need it the most our young black children. My motivation is to the generations and generations to come. I surrounded myself with positive people, which makes this journey all worth it.

What you may not know about me is that I don’t like reading as a child, when I mispronounce words. I used to feel stupid but over time I saw that making mistakes was a part of life. My writing career will branch off to so many different opportunities. Such as songwriting, screenplays, and much more. My sister has been very influential and my strength throughout this whole process. I had to dedicate her support as a key factor in my growth as a writer.

What I would say separates me from other writers. It is about encouraging millions of black children to see themselves in what they read. This book will educate, thrill and we leave you anticipating book 2.

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