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An Interview with Cain Part I

My loves, I know it has been a while since the last time I gave you an update. But today, you are in for a real treat. I've managed to score an in-person interview with your favorite vampire, Cain. After several phone calls and text messages he finally agreed to speak with me face to face and answer some of the most common questions readers have asked. So, sit back, relax and enjoy my experience in {part one} of my interview session with the King of Darkness himself: Cain.


Please do not attempt to contact Cain for any intents or purposes. He is an incredibly dangerous entity, capable of extreme acts of violence and terror. As the progenitor of the vampire race, he is eons – not centuries, but eons old – and is equipped with abilities that will make any normal human’s blood run cold. Clearly, I am not a “normal” human. Cain has granted me this rare opportunity to bring clarity to some misunderstandings relating to vampires, his life, and the future of the vampire race.

Reader discretion is advised.

Cain decided it would be best to discuss things in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel, which ironically happens to be less than ten minutes away from my house. He dons a midnight black suit, the jacket lapels lined with a crimson color that matched the depths of his irises. His waist length locks were pulled back away from his face, exposing the sharpness of his jawline. For this interview, he made it a point to allow his five o’ clock shadow to unveil itself, rather than the usual freshly shaven appearance. I swallowed thickly as I took my seat directly across from him. Raw sexual energy shrouded him and it took everything in me to ignore the mounting temptation to sit on his -

MissJenkinsBooks *clears throat*: Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate this and I am more than certain your fans will appreciate it too.

Cain: You are welcome, Miss Jenkins. It’s about time we’ve spoken face to face rather than via text.

MissJenkinsBooks: Yes. I agree. So tell me, what have you been up to?

Cain *shrugs*: I’ve been busy. What is they say? There is no rest for the wicked… *he pauses and offers me a wink*

MissJenkinsBooks: *heart skips several beats* Would you really consider yourself “wicked” Cain? I mean, you didn’t choose to be what you are. Life gave you a fucked up card that you were forced to play.

Cain: *he holds my gaze, the small flicker of crimson disappearing* No. I didn’t choose this. You know better than others that I am the result of a mistake that should have never been transpired. I am the curse that was bred and born from my mother’s lapse in judgement and now a plague upon humanity. To answer your question, I am no more evil than the lion who hunts the wildebeest or the jackal who kills the rabbit. It’s all about who tells the story. To the wildebeest, the lion is the evil whose tyranny can be felt across the savanna. But in the mind of the lion, it is only about survival – a fundamental right of all sentient beings. Wouldn’t you agree?

MissJenkinsBooks: I do. But, in a lion’s lifetime, he would only kill a few hundred zebra or wildebeest. In your lifetime, you have killed millions.

Cain: Those millions of lives were not all lost. Some were offered the opportunity of rebirth. Their fate was placed into their own hands – which is a rarity and a gift.

MissJenkinsBooks: And what about those who didn’t accept the ‘gift’ or were not offered the opportunity for rebirth?

Cain: One way or another, we will be transformed. I’m sure you have been told that nothing ever truly dies but is transformed. What I offer is the opportunity to remain grounded as you are in this world for longer than what I human can do to sustain himself.

MissJenkinsBooks: What is it like being a vampire?

Cain: *his grin widens to expose a pair of slightly crested white fangs* Wouldn’t you like to know? Are you still interested in me turning you?”

MissJenkinsBooks: * an image of me writhing underneath his muscled frame, his hands busy igniting my pleasure points, while his mouth hovers just inches above my throat. What a sweet surrender that would be, I think to myself* No. I have too much to accomplish right now as a human. But I am curious, and I am sure that your fans are too.

Cain: *still grinning* It is about as nightmarish as one could imagine. The vampire world is a volatile one, governed by the lust for blood and death and a list of rules that could not exist under human law. Yet, there is beauty in darkness, in the hunt especially…selecting a victim who hasn’t the slightest suspicion that death peers over his shoulder. Humans are so ignorant and blind that it is no wonder that they take life for granted. There is a link that is formed between a vampire and his prey while feeding. I can see my victim’s past, present, their hopes for the future, their fears, and their darkest fantasies. The pulse of my victim becomes like the hard staccato rhythm of a drum at the tips of my fingers until the heart becomes too exhausted to continue its tempo. To be a vampire, Delizhia, is to destroy the sun before it fully rises; to drink from the cup of death every single night under the silent scrutiny of stars. It is to walk amongst the living while you are as soulless as the dead. Does that answer your question?

MissJenkinsBooks: *Nods* I –

Cain: *raises a finger as pulls out his cell phone to accept a call* Excuse me, Miss Jenkins. Do you mind if I step aside for about five minutes?

MissJenkinsBooks: Absolutely. Take your time.

*I sat quietly and watched him push himself from the mini sectional, his movement nearly human. He walked with the gait and swagger of a true alpha man would, leaving a trail of curious glances behind as he pulled the front door of the lobby’s entrance open. Even though it is broad daylight, nervous could never define my current mental state. I have so many more questions for him to answer, but given the unpredictable nature of vampires, I can only hope that I will he will allow me to walk out of this hotel in one piece.

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