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Right now, the world seems to have transformed into the living work of Stephen King. Everything seems to be at a standstill. People are panicking. First, it was over the fear of being infected with the coronavirus and now with each day since the "Safer at Home" ordinances statewide, reality is becoming more uncertain. Questions surrounding job stability and income have surpassed the fear of testing positive for COVID-19 because some employers had to impose lay offs, decrease hours or just shut down completely. Our children's daily routines have been severely interrupted thus affecting the households of working and single parents. On the surface, its a mess.

But I am asking you to dig a little deeper. See the benefits of being forced to stay at home. Most of us are overworked, overly exhausted, overwhelmed and I am sure for some, it has been a struggle to mentally get through the day. We have been conditioned to "get the bag", "Secure the bag", and "Chase the bag," that we don't even know what "the bag" looks like anymore. From social media tag lines such as "Monday Morning Grind" or one my favorites (-_-) "Booked and Busy", most of us cant even remember the last time we had a good night's rest, or what it feels to sleep until 8 in the morning. How many Advils do some of you pop each day or each week due to migraines or just run of the mill headaches?

And then the time changed before we even had a chance to acknowledge and accept the fact that the time would change. So now here we are in the beginning of spring, three months into the new year and we are exhausted. We are drained. We cant even mentally think straight because we have pushed ourselves towards dreams and goals we were supposed to accomplish in 2012 that now if someone even looks at us the wrong way, our brain receptors cannot distinguish "friend" from "foe".

And guess what, the earth itself is exhausted too. She is hurting. She is constantly being stripped of her resources without ample enough time to recover and replenish that now she is forcing us- humanity to take a break. This is the only way she can save not only herself but US as well. Notice how the air is clearer in areas of severe pollution? She needs a break just like we do.

So this is the time that I am sure many of you silently prayed for, wished for... we have the time to sit at home in our ugliest pajamas, hair uncombed no make up on, no reason to shave and just be. This is the time to catch up on those old shows that you have been meaning to watch but couldn't because of your work hours. This is the time to spend with your kids- whom I am sure are driving you crazy from boredom. But guess what? You get to get to know them. Find out what is making them laugh, or making them cry. It's time to pull out those DIY kits you bought them for Christmas...or sit together in the living room and teach them things from your perspective whether it is history or just your truths about life itself.

Read those books that have sat on your TBR list for months. Put together your YouTube Channel you said you wanted to do two summer's ago. You have the opportunity to manifest new beginnings during this period of down time and you don't even know it. Prepare for that test that is coming up for that job you want or that school you want to get into. Take advantage of your time at home.

And please, try not to worry about grocery stores not having enough food (or toilet paper) or things your household needs. Take a break from the news, because honestly it isn't good for your psyche. Entertain only that that in which feeds your soul, your imagination, your spirit, your heart and your mind.

And like all seasons, this too will pass. But take advantage of it.

I hope this blog helps. Comment below with your plans during this period.

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