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The Sanaya Diaries

October 2, 2015

The nights here are safe. That is one of the few things I can honestly appreciate about this school is that rest comes easy. That night when my father returned home after a week of being MIA, the memory of what he had become, what he had done to my mother, was on constant repeat. Archer told me that eventually the pain will fade but them memory will always remain. Some days, it is easier to not think about it: to not remember that gut instinct that something wasn't right, to not recall the mental connection to the dark sinister presence that invaded my home; and not remember that sudden urge to fight, the bloodlust...Archer later explained that the latter was the first phase of my "huntress awakening".

Yet, even with my newly awakening "gifts", I was still powerless to protect my mother. Congo called it "survivors guilt" and that too will pass. My mother and I never had the easiest mother/daughter relationship. I think a part of her resented me for being the result of the mistake she made when she chose to love my father. She drank, sometimes too much, especially when strange women called the house and when my dad would disappear for days at a time. There are very few memories of the two of us enjoying each other's company, laughing, smiling, and doing things that my friends got to do with their moms. But still, I wish I could have protected her.

That's why I'm glad that here at least, the nights here are safe. Being tormented with painful memories of loss is more than enough. Knowing that vampires, demons, and other entities of darkness had been a rude enough awakening. Strangely though, I am not afraid for myself. But knowing what those things can do to innocent people who are unaware of the dangers present once the sun sets worries me. That is where I feel most helpless. Had my mother known that my father would have returned home as a vampire, might she been able to protect herself? Had my father known, would he have stayed home?

I don't know. My mother probably would have hit the bottle harder and my father would have still met his fate.

Today, I was introduced to a student who has pretty much lived at The Academy all of her life. Maya. Bubbly. Funny. Witty. The moment we shook hands, we hit it off. I like her. A lot. She is the only person here at The Academy (besides the Guardians) who actually wants to be around me. Her big hair matches her personality and I would have never guessed that Maya is actually a witch. Not a witch by practice but a witch by blood. Congo told me that she was rescued from her mother, a powerful voodoo priestess who planned on sacrificing her to one of the gods.


Her dorm is on the other side of the courtyard. I have been here a month and out of the two hundred and fifty students that attend here, this was my first time seeing her. She told me that she typically shies away from the cafeteria, opting to eat in her room. Elizabeth and her minions have not exactly been friendly with her either. She is the only student here with "forbidden " talents and a lot of the students are more afraid of her than anything.

We are supposed to meet up again tomorrow before class.

Things are looking up. I have a friend. :) Things around here might not be so bad after all.

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