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Giveaway Update

This journey as an author has been a long one. From being overlooked, rejected and declined like a bad credit card, to the struggles for recognition, loss of sleep and just the overall ups and downs of being an adult, the readers have always kept me going. Soooooo....

To show my appreciation I thought about offering the following:

First Prize. A $25 Target gift card and an autographed copy of The Vampire Hunters Academy, The Cursed

Second Prize: A $5 Amazon gift card and a kindle copy of any one of my books.

Third Prize: A kindle copy of any book (of mine) you choose.

To enter simply subscribe to my website (if you haven't already), purchase a copy of The Lost Queen and send a screenshot of your purchase to my email THAT'S IT.

Meanwhile, make sure you follow me for up to date info on my books.

Links: Facebook Fanpage: Twitter: @septembershope Instagram: @miss_jenkins_books BookBub:

Seems like a lot, right?

It's not.

Once you've done that message me with the word DONE and your email address. Winners will be announced Sunday, June 7, 2019 at 12:00 pm PST.

Yes, the deadline has been extended.

I mean everyone loves a free gift card?!

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