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Cain - A Vampire Hunters Academy Novel

Year: 2011 AD

City of Los Angeles

Cain inhaled the rich, husky sweet scent that haunted his senses for the last few months. Great. Just what he needed. He knew that this day would once again arrive, after all he’d witnessed it time and time again. As a matter of fact, he was the very reason the Light sent a weapon of natural destruction against his kind. He sucked in another deep breath. His skin prickled and tingled as erotic chills coursed down his spine. Closing his eyes, he allowed himself to be consumed by the sheer force of it. The urge to seek her out grew. He could easily begin the seduction, convince her to resent her caretakers and turn her against her very instincts.

However, this time around, it would not be so wise to make such a bold move.

Things were different. To make a direct move on a fledgling huntress would be suicide, and with times being so uncertain with the “end of days” quickly approaching, there was a much bigger plan at stake.

“She is strong…” Cain heard himself say. Licking his lips, his fangs crested at the mere thought of what she is. Soon she would become a master manipulator of the elements; her thirst for blood-his blood-would surpass his own for human; angels would bow to her command and she would lead an army that Napoleon, Nero, and Julius himself would envy. She was designed to be a masterpiece of warrior art. She would come to understand combat as she would a lover…oh to imagine her as a lover. Intense would hardly be the word to describe what she be. Goddess of sensuality…Aphrodite would not be able to hold a candle to her.

He’d seen this in the huntresses that came before this one, but the power that this particular huntress emitted even at this distance. This one was different.

“I do not know where you are sweet huntress, but I will find you…soon…” He promised.

The Vampire Hunters Academy, the school for gifted humans and refuge for Guardians had not registered her in their books. Every huntress born within the last two thousand years had attended that school. Those that came before that, he had to find the hard way. This only meant that the Guardians-those who were destined to protect her had not found her yet.


Why would the Light not place her in the care of those most skilled to protect her until she could protect herself? What game was this they played? The desire to hunt her, to taste her blood, to have her bend to his will became overwhelming. His gum line thickened, lengthening his fangs. Blood coursed to the baser regions of his body. Blood. That’s what he needed. Her blood. Human blood.

He chuckled at the mere thought of it all: blood is where it began for him. Blood is what he paid for his ever growing list of sins.

His story began in blood and he held the sneaking suspicion that blood is where his story will end.

For the blood of his brother Abel…


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