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The Vampire Hunters Academy Survival Guide

Key Terms

Vampire Slayer: Also known as the Akhharu Alal (Sumerian term for Slayer). Hunter of vampires. A specialized human weapon sent by Heaven to lead the forces of Light against the armies of darkness. Typically born female, this individual is born with heightened extrasensory awareness; telepathy; physical strength, and other metaphysical gifts including but not limited to manipulation and control of the earth elements; psychic abilities (dream walking, astral projection; etc.), all of which to equip her specifically in becoming an even match for vampires, demons, and other supernatural abominations. Slayers are immune to all demon, werewolf and vampire bites, therefore rendering them unkillable. However, please see note on Cain and see notes on Aklia.

Vampire: Blood Drinker. A former human infected by the bite and/or blood of another vampire. Soulless creatures confined to the night. Descendants of Cain’s Curse. Vampires may be broken up into rankings: 1. Baby Vamps: fresh turns; any vampire under the age of one hundred. Volatile and slaves to their thirst for blood. Their skills and abilities are weaker than those possessed by older vampires; and they are beholden to their makers. 2. Master: a vampire that survived passed the age of one hundred. Master vampires are called masters because they possess control over their impulses including their thirsts. They are also in tune with the seemingly limitless abilities from shape shifting (typically assuming the form of any nocturnal animal); misting (becoming vapor or mist); telepathy and other psychic attacks. A baby vampire can be elevated to master status by an Ancient or a pureblood. There are not many Masters in existence even though there are a few left. Dracula is the most notorious Master vampire in history. Masters are typically male, although a few females in history were encountered by past Guardians. 3. Ancient Ones: Vampires who survived passed the age of five hundred, and vampires who currently oversee and manage The Darkness Organization. See Petronius, Alexander and Daemon.

Demon: A formless entity with hellish origins. Originally considered a byproduct or a result of Lucifer’s failed attempts to create life, these entities are also thought to be the tormented souls of the damned. Demons reside and operate in Hell, in the second and third levels of the subterranean. They work in tandem with The Beast, focused primarily on infecting the human spirit with hopelessness, depression, rage, hate, anger… some possess the abilities to infect the human body with disease. Demons can also be summoned, usually by a witch or sorceress (and even a foolish human); or, demons can break through a barrier if weakened by powerful sources of negative energy created by: murder (in all of its forms); witchcraft; generational curses inflicted upon a bloodline (which means the demon will haunt that specific bloodline until a purge or exorcism is conducted); and sex (with unwilling participants and through deviant immoral means).

Guardian: A meta-human with extrasensory gifts. Guardians historically were created to protect and guard the current huntress. During times when no Slayer is born, Guardians assume the role and responsibilities of eradicating entities of the Darkness in protection of humanity. Guardians are psychically connected to the Huntress. Upon her birth, Guardians are capable of detecting her presence, although they are blinded to her exact location much like the Darkness is blinded to her whereabouts. Such measure is to ensure her survival until she is ready to be located and protected by Guardians. Guardians are also protectors of sacred text, artifacts; and blessed locations. Guardians are typically born, although there have been many exceptions to the rule.

Cain: The Father of all Vampires. The original story in the Bible involves Cain’s offering to God being rejected, while his brother Abel’s was accepted which resulted in Cain’s jealousy of his brother. According to the Bible, Cain killed his brother in a fit of jealous rage, which led to God’s confrontation of Cain and then cursing him with a mark and casting him away. What the Bible omits is that Lucifer intercepted God’s curse, turning Cain into the first vampire -but not a vampire through bite. Cain was reborn, thus making Cain the Father of All Vampires. Cain has made several appearances throughout history, one of them being the cause of the Great Flood found in the book of Genesis. Cain and his sister/wife Luluwa bred several pure blood vampires that nearly wiped out the growing human population, coupled with the offspring of The Fallen Angels known as the Nephilim. Lulawa was killed by the first vampire huntress, Aklia – Cain’s sister (see notes) shortly after the Flood. And it was Cain’s sister that was eradicated nearly all of Cain’s pure blood offspring. Cain is responsible for the death of a number of huntresses in history-one of them being his own sister Aklia. However, there are a few moments in Guardian/Huntress history when Cain turned seven strong huntresses into vampires and called them The Seven.

Selene: Cain’s last surviving heir.

The Darkness Organization: A complex organized network of evil comprised of all levels of hell. Succubae and Demon make up the lower levels, while werewolves sit in the middle and werewolves and vampires make the top. Vampires are the currently rulers of The Darkness Organization due to being the most favored by The Beast (Lucifer). However, there were periods in history when witches sat at the helm with the werewolves being a close second. Presently The Organization is fractured, and a rumored war is brewing between the ranks. Vampires have been sanctioned to rebuild their numbers through “turn bites” which does not resonate well with the other members of the organization.

Petronius: An Ancient One, bitten during the Roman days and current co-chairman of The Darkness Organization.

Phoenix: Mystical Fire Bird and Spirit Guardian of both the living and the dead. Phoenix’s represent either the beginning or the ending of an epoch. A Phoenix’s return can either be considered good or bad depending on the circumstances. The Phoenix was once the Guardian of the Garden of Eden , but was then called by the archangels to guard the Throne. Not much is known about the Phoenix other than it has now returned to earth, offering itself as the new spirit Guardian for the new huntress.

Daemon: An Ancient One and a progeny of Petronius.

The Seven: Seven Huntresses in history that were seduced by Cain and turned into vampires. Cain is the only vampire whose bite is lethal to a living huntress. It is believed that Cain sought these huntresses out as potential sire mates but decided none of them were fit enough to give birth to his new line of heirs. Kali, Cara and Annalia are the surviving three and represent the dark moments in Guardian/Slayer history. The previous four (names unknown) were killed off by the archangels during the periods when no new huntress had been born. These females were thought of as something equal to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and assisted with bringing ruin to a few empires including Mayan, Egyptian and Rome.

History of the Slayer/Huntress: The first huntress born came shortly after Cain’s Curse. Adam and Eve gave birth to several children, one of them being a daughter Aklia. As part of the Holy plan towards human redemption, Aklia was chosen and word was given to Eve that her daughter would be the first of a line of huntresses that would protect and defend humanity from Cain. Every huntress born shares a bloodline with Aklia, and Guardians share a direct link to Aklia’s sons and daughters. Both Guardian and Huntresses are offshoots of Aklia.

Aklia: Cain’s sister and the first Huntress born. Also, leading member of The Council and one of the current huntress’ mentors.

The Council: Huntresses that no longer reside in the land of the living. Instead they work in the spirit realm, in the first ring of Heaven offering guidance and protection to the next living huntress. Many times, members of The Council have taken form to assist guardians with eradicating new threat levels during times when there is no available living slayer. They work with the archangels to keep The Darkness at bay. However, during the days if a living Slayer they operate as a power source. Living huntresses are granted access to The Council with exception of The Seven. Living Huntresses, upon their twenty first birthdays, as part of ceremony are giving Aklia’s blade, which is a specially designed sword blessed by Michael the Archangel himself in killing vampires.

The Fallen: Angels that disobeyed the command from On High and were removed from the heavenly realm. One of the most infamous being The Beast. Most of them were locked away for eternal imprisonment in the Euphrates, while others are imprisoned in the dark realms of Hell.

Raya: Council Member.

Natasha: Council Member

Witch: a human that practices any form of magic, albeit dark or white. White witches still possess their souls, and only practice magic that helps or heals. Dark magic practitioners risk losing their souls should he/she decides to take the Dark Oath: swear a blood

allegiance to The Beast for power. Forms of dark magic include: blood magic; necromancy; conjuring; and demon summoning.

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