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The Vampire Hunters Academy: The Cursed

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Once again the stakes are high for the latest Huntress, Sanaya Scott...

With Cain still on the loose; one third of the remaining Seven at large; Daemon and Petronius left to their own devices; and the secret school and refuge for Guardian and Huntress training has been evacuate. Guardians are scattered across the globe and forced into deep hiding while the New York and New Orleans teams attempt to rebuild.

Sanaya and her friends have been secreted away to the lowlands of southern Mexico into the care of other Guardians whose specialties rest with everything else but dealing with a semi-matured huntress and her friends.

But something in Maya's blood awakens, dividing Guardians and Council members alike, threatening the very thin fabric of reality that holds humanity together. Her blood is a beacon for Hell and witches from every coven have been summoned to aid with the convening dark forces that threatens Maya's life and future as a Guardian.

With Sanaya's best friend's life on the line and Guardians divided, the newest Huntress will do anything to protect those she loves, even if it costs her everything.

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